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Magnetic beams

Magnetic beams, also called blocks, are cubical and they are designer for food industry. They are also successfully used for detecting iron pellets from all loose materials, for example aggregates, fragmented non-ferrous metals. The mounting method depends on the expectations and technical conditions. Usually, they are hung over the conveyor. Neodymium magnetic beams made by MAGNEPOL are, according to the clients, the best separator for detecting undesired iron items in transported food (fruit, vegetables, tobacco etc.). These magnetic separators are used in almost every industry, including recycling.

We manufacture magnetic beams adapted both to be mounted over the conveyor and to be installed at the end of the conveyor belt where the material pours over the surface of the beam.

In the first case lower surface is magnetically active. In the second case two surfaces - lower and side - are magnetically active. Owing to this, the poured material is not slowed down by the impurities of the separator because they stick to the side surface. Cascade threshold separators are used in areas where there are big movements of foods and relatively big mount of impurities.


Mangetic beams are made of welded austenitic steel. The source of magnetic field are usually high-energy neodymium magnets. It is also possible to manufacture separators from cheaper ceramic magnets – ferrite. We recommend to install magnetic beams with sintered neodymium magnets (NdFeB), because their ratio of emitted energy in proportion to the mass is substantially higher.

The hit of the last season were neodymium magnets constructed in the same way as magnetic beams used during underwater explorations. In our online shop you can find new models of magnets intended for treasure hunters designed by the head of the design department of MAGNEPOL.

Magnetic parameters , range and dimensions are selected in accordance with the requirements of customers.